Buff Bones - Pilates inspired exercises for strong bones and muscle tone

When and Where

10 Sep 2020 - 10 Dec 2020 (18 hours, 12 weeks)
Days and times
Thursday 18:00 - 19:30
Waterloo Centre


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Senior fee now part of Concession fee

Quick Facts

June Buckley
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What you will learn

Buff Bones is a medically endorsed full body exercise system for bone and joint health designed to achieve better posture, enhance muscle tone and improve fascial integrity, increase flexibility and mobility, improve balance, increase kinaesthetic awareness and proprioception, and boost self-confidence. It is suitable for all ages and abilities from non-exercisers to dancers.

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • Perform everyday functional movements like standing, sitting, standing up and sitting down, walking and squatting with ease, utilising the optimal position of the spine for healthy movement patterning
  • Have an awareness of your general posture with focus on your spine
  • Demonstrate improved ability from the beginning of the course to perform Pilates exercises which utilise body awareness, core control, co-ordination, muscle strengthening, flexibility and mobility while releasing tension and stress, ie be able to perform
  • Practise simple breathing techniques which can promote calm, relaxation and reduce stress
  • Practise lateral breathing techniques which support safe movement patterns while exercising without compromising back health
  • Perform graded movements to challenge stability and balance to promote confidence and reduce falls risks
  • Be able to stand on one leg with eyes open for 30 seconds and with eyes shut for 10 seconds
  • Incorporate a gradual introduction to weight training using bodyweight and small dumb bells or hand weights to promote bone and muscle strength, using latest NHS guidelines which recommend 2x week weight and resistance training to maintain optimal health

Class format and activities

Weekly timetabled face to face sessions in College. The class is divided into 7 sections in accordance with research-led bone healthy principles: standing warm-up or Grounding; Supine Warm-up (spinal unloading); Abdominals; Prone (the back); Side-Lying (the Hips); Quadruped and Prone (Arms and buttocks) and the last 15 mintues of the class returns to Standing (Weight-bearing and Balance). The class is guided through verbal instructions and demonstrations by the teacher. There will be opportunities for questions, feedback and discussion where appropriate. In order to ensure that you make the best possible progress on your course, you will have regular feedback from your tutor, in a constructive and supportive environment.

In order to ensure that you make the best possible progress on your course, you will have regular feedback from your tutor, in a constructive and supportive environment.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements. However if a student suffers from an injury or condition that could be made worse by exercise, they should consult with their Doctor or Physical Therapist before beginning the course. You will need to have a degree of concentration and a basic level of fitness and mobility, ie be able to get down to lie on the floor and get up again unaided.

What you need to know before you enrol

The teaching and is tailored to match the needs of each student. All movements in the class are designed to be explored with a feeling of ease, so you should always feel included and safe.

What you will need for your class

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. No jeans please.

What you can do next

Further study in Pilates, Dance, Yoga and Movement classes. Ongoing practice at home.