Dance Improvisation 1B

When and Where

2 Nov 2020 - 30 Nov 2020 (8.75 hours, 5 weeks)
Days and times
Monday 16:00 - 17:45
Online Plus (Waterloo Centre)


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Concession fee
Senior fee now part of Concession fee

Quick Facts

Kate Brown
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What you will learn

Dance Improvisation with Kate Brown.

This course offers the space, virtual and actual, to explore and enjoy moving alone and together.
How can we use current restrictions as a stimulus and tool in our making? How can we find room environmentally and imaginatively?
The classes will start with simple structures and exercises to warm up, leading to more expanded dancing, and periods for shared reflection.
All welcome.

Achievement on your course will be measured by whether you meet the following learning outcomes. At the start of the course you will have an opportunity to discuss these with your tutor and set your own personal targets, linked to the learning outcomes and future goals i.e. progression to an advanced-level course.

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • Use the floor as a place of release and support.
  • Move with freedom of expression.
  • Explore ways of finding connection with another dancer even while physically distanced.
  • Utilise the tool of following and leading as movement response to partners.
  • Develop responsiveness to environment and fellow dancers through movement.

Class format and activities

Mode of delivery: Online Plus. Anticipated format: The first session will be undertaken from home/online with your tutor in contact with you via live-stream link-up; the second and third sessions will be in the studio with your tutor and fellow students and with social distancing observed; the fourth session will be from home/online and the fifth session in the studio. Your tutor will guide you through creative study during home-based practice. In-studio practice will then provide an opportunity to further develop creative material in the dance space environment and also in response to the given constraints of social distancing. This second course in the autumn term will give you the opportunity to further extend your practice and alongside new students joining.

We will be using Microsoft Teams as our online platform for live-stream link-up. Moodle may also be used for sharing useful web links, study-related materials and class news.

In order to ensure that you make the best possible progress on your course, you will have regular feedback from your tutor, in a constructive and supportive environment. The tutor will also set assessment activities involving student exchange of ideas and student self-assessment for all students, whether you are participating in-studio or via live-stream.

Constructive and supportive feedback from your tutor will help you succeed during the class.

Entry requirements

You will need to be able to follow and respond to instructions.

What you need to know before you enrol

Excellent attendance and punctuality will be required from all students. This course may include some completion of activities outside of class time, e.g. preparation of favorite stretch exercises to share with fellow students

Good level of fitness and flexibility is advisable as we will be moving through all levels of space and with a variety of speed. If you need to modify exercises for any reason, that will be fine. Please just speak to your tutor.

Photography and film recording of class activities may be used in order to aid learning. These images may also be used for publicity or marketing materials produced by Morley College, both online and in print. You will have the opportunity to either confirm or decline consent to being filmed or photographed.

What you will need for your class

Bring comfortable clothing, no shoes required. Bring a pair of light knee pads if you have them as this helps to support the knees in floor work. Alternatively they can be purchased from the tutor.

What you can do next

It is anticipated that Dance Improvisation study will continue in the spring term. The Morley College dance department provides an exciting and diverse range of term-time and short course dance study provision. Please speak to your tutor, look at our website or call the Dance Department for more information.