Ballet Intermediate

When and Where

22 Apr 2020 - 1 Jul 2020 (15 hours, 10 weeks)
Days and times
Wednesday 11:00 - 12:30
Morley College London Waterloo Centre


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Quick Facts

Liora Goldwater
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What you will learn

Suitable for students with good knowledge of ballet who wish to improve their technique, and to develop their ballet vocabulary and understanding of classical style. Only suitable for students with a good level of fitness and previous experience of ballet. Students are advised that for all intermediate and advanced level courses they must seek departmental advice prior to enrolment or attend the first session for free so as to assess appropriate level. For more information - please contact:

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • Model and specify the footwork throughout class
  • Demonstrate good ballet technique
  • Demonstrate expression within technique exercises
  • Use different rhythms within technique exercises

Class format and activities

Your tutor will provide practical demonstration and verbal description of movements and technique. You will learn through group and individual correction and encouragement to build your enjoyment of dance and ballet. Each session will work on the execution of ballet steps and enchainment, starting at the barre and moving through to centre work and jumps. You will learn to use your body in a safe way using classical ballet technique. This will help you to gain a greater understanding of how to use your body within technique and its use for the enjoyment of moving.
In addition to your dance practice, study can include the use of digital resources such as film & photography, useful websites and connection with online communities of interest via social media to enhance your learning.
Dance study offers a range of benefits including being an enjoyable way to increase fitness whilst enhancing wellbeing. Dance practice at Morley can also serve to enhance skills relevant for employment by means of encouraging increased confidence, physical dexterity and concentration.

In order to ensure that you make the best possible progress on your course, you will have regular feedback from your tutor, in a constructive and supportive environment.

Entry requirements

You will need a minimum of 2 years recent experience in ballet, either as a student on any ballet Level One course or having done the Ballet Introduction course.

What you need to know before you enrol

You should have a good level of fitness and mobility.

Photography and film recording of class activities may be used in order to aid learning. These images may also be used for publicity or marketing materials produced by Morley College, both online and in print. You will have the opportunity to either confirm or decline consent to being filmed or photographed.

What you will need for your class

Leotard and/or close fitting T-shirt
Tights and/or leggings and/or close fitting tracksuit bottoms
Ballet shoes
Men and women must wear suitable dance support

What you can do next

At Morley College, you will find dance classes in many styles, including pointe work and classes at varying levels, which are available as part of the Morley College curriculum