Ballet Improvers

When and Where

20 Apr 2020 - 29 Jun 2020 (15.5 hours, 10 weeks)
Days and times
Monday 19:45 - 21:15
Morley College London


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Quick Facts

Brian Bertscher
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What you will learn

In Ballet Improvers, extend your skills, knowledge and understanding of the technical and expressive elements of ballet that are features of study suitable for those with a minimum of at least two years regular and current study. Class will help you to explore particular aspects of technique that are associated with an elementary level as relates to the framework of RAD and Cecchetti training. , , Skills practised regularly at this level will then help you to further progress towards an intermediate level. Learn how to dance more challenging combinations - or enchaînements – that include several key elements in a continuous arrangement. Such combinations may include the following elements: chassé, pas de bourrée, sissonne, glissade, assemble, balloné and petit jeté., , You will practise simple beats - or batterie – when performing jumps. Develop your ability to perform turns – such as chaine and posé - across the studio. Another turning skill will be the pirouette - executed either en dedans or en dehors - achieving aligned balance and also the ability to manage change of weight smoothly and gracefully will be objectives. With regard to adagio – or slow movement – study will include practise of port de bras, développé, grand ronds de jambe and fouetté. Learning about how to perform the features of grand allegro – the bigger jumps across the studio usually executed towards the end of class when the body is fully-warmed-up – will include such elements as waltz steps, cabriole, grand jeté and grand fouetté. This course will provide an excellent study opportunity for those with developing proficiency who wish to experience the joy of ballet in motion.

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • have increased your flexibility, suppleness and core strength and be aware of correct placing, stance and execution of a set exercise
  • understand the purpose of a particular exercise at the barre and center
  • have developed sheer physical capacity to perform given dance action
  • have gained precision in your execution of required elements
  • reveal expressive performance skills in addition to technical accomplishment

Class format and activities

Barre work
Centre practice

Study can include the use of digital resources such as film & photography, useful websites and connection with online communities of interest via social media to enhance your learning.
Dance study offers a range of benefits including being an enjoyable way to increase fitness whilst enhancing wellbeing. Dance practice at Morley can also serve to enhance skills relevant for employment by means of encouraging increased confidence, physical dexterity and concentration.

In order to ensure that you make the best possible progress on your course, you will have regular feedback from your tutor, in a constructive and supportive environment.

Entry requirements

At least two year's prior and recent dance study.

What you need to know before you enrol

You will be encouraged and guided by your tutor to develop your skills, dancing solo, with a partner and as part of a group.

What you will need for your class

Ballet shoes
Bottle of water

What you can do next

Ballet Improvers - April 2020