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Come to our Open Day at North Kensington Centre

This week marks the start of the new school year so we’ve holding a Community Open Day at our North Kensington Centre on Saturday 4 September to showcase the many courses and amazing activities we have on offer.

It’s a particularly exciting time at North Kens at the moment, as we begin our £13 million upgrade, which will see our school transformed into a bright, modern facility so we can expand our services to the local community. 

Our open day will be a chance to meet teaching staff, engage in taster activities and talk to us about what you want to learn, and how you would like to learn it. 

North Kensington College principal Craig Hanlon-Smith said: “We are excited and encouraged by the investment into our North Kensington Centre, this is a truly positive statement about our college and its position in the local community. 

“Once again this summer we have worked with local young people and local entrepreneurs to green our space for the future. 

“All of the planting and garden designs over the past two summers have been developed in line with our new renovated campus in mind, ensuring a lasting and positive green space for our students, staff and local community partners. 

“This is a hugely exciting time to come and be part of our local community here in North Kensington.” 

Morley is really proud to be part of our tight knit local community and we have a curriculum tailored to the needs of local students. You won’t regret choosing Morley! Come and see what we are all about.

Sign up for the North Kensington Open Day here:

Open day at North Kensington Centre (Wornington Road London, W10 5QQ,) is on 4 September, from 11am to 2pm.

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