Kathie Murphy

Visual and Digital Arts tutor
Kathie Murphy

Kathie Murphy trained at Middlesex Polytechnic and Glasgow School of Art.  Following her studies in 1992, she set up her own jewellery studio, specialising in using resin in her jewellery.  Kathie’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in the MIMA collection of contemporary jewellery. She also managed the London Dazzle exhibitions for ten years and has considerable experience in displaying and selling other peoples jewellery too.

Kathie states: “Creating jewellery out of a non-precious material such as polyester resin is something that interests me very much.  Resin is a plastic that starts as a liquid.  At this stage it can be coloured using special pigments. I do this in a painterly way making the work particularly individual.  Resin allows me the possibility of creating my own material with which I can explore the effects of light and colour through shape and form”

Kathie has been commissioned to write two books for A&C Black publishers: Resin Jewellery  in 2001 and Design and Make Non Precious Jewellery in 2009.  She has been a visiting lecturer and teaches regularly at various colleges, including Morley. 

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