Lucy Orr

Stop Motion & After Effects tutor
Lucy Orr

Throughout her career, Lucy has continued to maintain her passion for personal projects and has a keen interest in all aspects of the field, particularly independent animation and gaming. Lucy finds work compelling, and also watches with keen interest how styles and approaches within the fine art arena filter through to the commercial world and sometimes vice versa.

Lucy believes this, coupled with her commercial background, enables her to effectively communicate the workings of the industry to designers who are just starting out, as it is essential that students who want to work in the commercial world particularly advertising, music and gaming, are aware of current trends and styles within contemporary digital media and animation.

Ongoing professional practice and research includes contributor to The Register, Ars Technica and VICE. As a consquence Lucy has a strong relationship with and constant day-to-day contact with AAA and independent games developers, publishers and technological innovators. Lucy attends and reports on a variety of related events and news features allowing her to embed up to the minute professional/industry experience to pedagogic practice to enhance the student experience and promote student employability.

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