Zoe Arnold

Jewellery tutor
Zoe Arnold

Zoe Arnold’s evocative jewels are as much individual works of art as they are wearable sculpture, exploring the poetic and the macabre in the form of both illustrative and sometimes obscure treasures.

Each piece having meanings to be unraveled, but never fully explained, and often inspired by her poetry which is presented with the work. Sentimental jewellery this is not, instead everyday emotion, or subtle memory are worked into items as much to display on a wall or table top as they are on the body.

Art to be worn by the artist, writer, intellectual or collector of dreams. Zoe Arnold’s works revive the art of the jeweller, pieces which are created as a considered whole rather than to serve as a simple frame for a stone.

Her pieces are widely acclaimed, and have been purchased by;  the Victoria and Albert Museum, Crafts Council, Contemporary Applied Arts, National Museums of Northern Ireland and the Alice and Louis Koch Collection, among others.


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