Sushma Mehta

Kathak dance tutor
Sushma Mehta

Sushma is one of the first South Asian faculty members of the ISTD (Imperial Society of the Teachers of Dancing) and has played a vital role in the development of the Kathak syllabus. She is also an examiner of Kathak for the ISTD.

Sushma is the Artistic Director of Shamaa Dance Company which she founded in 1994. Shamaa is a multi-cultural dance company specialising in Kathak. Its members reflect the diversity of London’s population. The aim of the company is to maintain a balance between preserving traditional repertoire and creating new works, taking on board contemporary sensibilities. Equal emphasis is place on performance and education/community work.

Sushma Mehta has authored a children’s book on dance Roshni’s Dream- a story of Kathak dance. She has considerable performance and choreographic experience.

Sushma as a choreographer always explores new possibilities in dance.

Salman Asif , The News, London

Mehta has a sound sense of structure and the ability to create dynamic form through her use of dancers.

Lan Morel, Pulse

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