Anna Kemper

Belly dance tutor
Anna Kemper

Anna Kemper began studying Arabic dance in 1993 in Seattle, USA, and received a B.A. in Dance and Film Production from Bard College, New York in 2001. She is the only dancer in the UK who is Level 2 certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format and has travelled throughout the world studying with master teachers in different styles of belly dance, absorbing different languages, histories and contexts for the many branches of this diverse global dance form.

Since beginning to teach belly dance in 1997, Anna has instructed thousands of women from New York to Mumbai. Her classes focus on posture and muscular technique and are structured around stretching, movement repetitions and short combinations. Lessons often include historical references and/or cultural anecdotes to help broaden students' education and appreciation of this diverse art form.

Anna is dedicated to promoting the art of belly dance in its many guises and is Production Manager for regular showcases and community events involving dancers from different genres. She travels regularly throughout Egypt, the Middle East and the US to continue her training and personal growth and development.

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