Liora Goldwater

Ballet tutor
Liora Goldwater

Liora Goldwater is a professional dance artist working in the discipline of contemporary dance and as a teacher of ballet. She joined Morley College as a tutor in May 2011.

Liora teaches ballet across all levels and an innovative class called Ballet Barre Floor Sculpt which takes technique from traditional barre-based exercises and translates them into floor exercises so that those who may not necessarily practice ballet can benefit from the strengthening and toning aspects of the dance form.

She trained at the Northern Ballet School and then at the London Contemporary Dance School and gained a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance. During this time she specialised in performance and improvisation and worked with Richard Alston.

She also worked with Katie Green’s dance company (Made by Katie Green) on improvised new works and performed at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre and a site specific piece at One Canada Place on Canary Wharf. She has performed with Charlotte Spencer at Blue Elephant Theatre and for Akane Abe in a contemporary piece at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre.

Liora has taught ballet and contemporary at Kensington and Chelsea Adult Education College and taught syllabus ballet classes for children. She is working towards a PCGE and is currently auditioning and performing in London.

She particularly likes the Morley spirit - learners actively looking forward to classes and clearly enjoying their learning.

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