Adrian Look

Contemporary dance tutor
Adrian Look

Adrian Look was born in Oberhausen, Germany.

After graduating from high school, he studied dance at the Folkwang University in Essen. In his final year at the Folkwang University, Adrian was voted “best dancer to look out for” by the journal “Theater Pur”.

From 2009 to 2012, he was a member of the Dance theatre of Bielefeld, in Bielefeld, Germany. Adrian danced in works by Gregor Zöllig, Urs Dietrich, Stephan Brinkmann, Guilherme Bothelho, Simone Sandroni and Rainer Behr. In addition to performing works by these artists, he also choreographed several of his own works.

Since 2003, he has taught various workshops in contemporary dance, ballet, and improvisation.  As a freelance choreographer/dancer in 2013, he worked on several projects in Germany and Switzerland. Highlights included choreographing a community group of 100 amateur dancers and performing as an ensemble member of the Origen Festival in Switzerland. Additionally, he choreographed and danced in a “Da Pacem”, a liturgical concert concerning conflict between various religions.

Adrian moved to London in March 2014 to teach contemporary dance classes and create new own choreographies. He performed his solo work “A-R-Panda” at Morley College at the end of March. He recently choreographed for East London Dance as part of the FI.ELD Festival.

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