Homero Gonzales

Salsa tutor
Homero Gonzales

Homero trained at the Escuela De Arte de la Provincia de Havana, Cuba. He began his professional dancing career with Guaracheros De Regla. In 1987 Homero joined Teatro America for a Cuban television programme aimed at bringing the rich cultural inheritance of dance rhythms to ordinary Cuban people. In 1990 Homero became choreographer to the Benny Moré Cabaret, working with Feliz Mauricio and Gilberto Bosa. From 1989 to 1993 he danced with the internationally acclaimed Cabaret Tropicana.

Homero is one of the pioneers of the salsa in the UK. In 1995, he began teaching his own cultural interpretations and styles of salsa in London along with other Cuban, Colombians & UK based teachers. He is largely responsible for popularising the music and dance in the UK in the past decade and creating the huge nationwide interest in salsa.

He has performed widely including at The Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Festival, BBC's Jools Holland Show, Glastonbury Festival and the Bacardi Festival. He has also conducted tours in Sweden, Greece, America and the Caribbean.

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