Laura Ichajapanich

Qigong and Taiji tutor
Laura Ichajapanich

Laura teaches qigong, taiji quan (tai chi chuan) and taji gongfu shan (tai chi fan) and has been at tutor at Morley since 1999.

Laura was born in Asia and has returned to her roots through her interest in Chinese medical and martial arts. Her goal is to inspire people to become actively involved in developing their qi (functional energy) in order to achieve an enhanced quality of life. She has a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) from South Bank University and is an Acupuncturist and Tuina (Chinese medical massage) practitioner. In 2012, Laura spent 6 months in China. She attended clinic at the Guanzhou Hospital of TCM before settling in Harbin where she lived and studied at the Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese medicine. As well as gaining a wealth of experience in the neurology and tuina clinics, Laura spent a lot of time in the University park practicing Chen Hunyuan style taiji quan and qigong and has incorporated some of these exercises into her teaching at Morley College.

Laura started learning traditional Yang style 108-move taijiquan with James Drewe and became a member of the English Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong Association and Longfei Taijiquan Association, visiting China to study with Professor Li Deyin (one of the hundred martial arts treasures of China) in 2006.
In 2001 Laura attended a seminar with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, the 19th generation standard bearer of Chen family taiji. Since then her focus has been on Chen taiji and in 2012 she made a pilgrimage to Chenjiagou, the Chen family village where Chen Wang Ting, a general retired in 1644 and created a new form of exercise or boxing. Laura has studied several forms with Grandmaster Chen.

Aware that health exercises were just one part of the ancient system of yang sheng (health preservation) in China, Laura embarked on a four year integrated Masters degree in Acupuncture at London Southbank University. To enhance her Tuina (Chinese massage) skills acquired at the university she also enrolled on the excellent Tuina course at Morley College taught by Paul Drinkwater. She is now a qualified Tuina practitioner and works as a massage practitioner at Breathe-Waterloo and Belsize Health in London.

She has taught in numerous corporate locations (BBVA bank, Reuters, BBC, Foreign Office, German Embassy) as well as taking classes in the community and charity sector (WAC, Cancerkin).

BA (hons), MSc (Chinese Medicine), MBAcC and MBCCMA.

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