Caroline Ings-Chambers

Movement studies tutor
Caroline Ings-Chambers

Caroline has always had a passion for dance, movement and body awareness. Following university, her fascination for the orient took her to Japan, where she lived and worked for two years. It was there that she was first introduced to Yoga and Tai Ji Quan.

When Caroline was later diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, she developed a specific personal yoga practice, based on what she had already learned about yoga, which cured her body and became her inspiration for teaching.

Caroline is passionate about facilitating others to develop movement skills and about freeing the body so that it can reconnect with its natural openness and strength. She works with anatomy of movement to help others maximise the quality of their movement within the context of group exercise. Her courses are particularly beneficial to those who would be helped through improved postural alignment, increased back strength, the ability to release and lengthen the spine, improved stability in the shoulder girdle, and better balance amongst the muscles of both the upper and lower body.

Caroline is a tutor in the Movement Studies Department of Morley College, where she teaches workshops and courses that she has evolved from her work with posture and movement. Her knowledge of how to work effectively and safely with the body is underpinned by her work with the Pilates Method (OCR VRQ3), her British Wheel of Yoga Teacher’s Diploma, her training and exams in Classical Ballet (IDTA), her wide knowledge base in exercise and fitness (YMCAfit).

Caroline is also a writer and researcher within the field of humanities, having specialised in the literature and culture of nineteenth century Britain. Caroline teaches in the Humanities Department of Morley College.

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