Jessica Turrell

Jewellery Enamelling tutor
Jessica Turrell

Jessica gained her Bachelors degree in Jewellery Design from the Central School of Art and Design in 1988. Since then she completed her Masters in Bristol and has been teaching jewellery, silversmithing and enamelling at several institutions including the Bristol School of Art and Edinburgh University.

Jessica set up her own jewellery and enamel studio in Bristol in 1998 to make her own work, which has been displayed internationally in exhibitions and features in many publications.

Jessica has won several awards for her work, most recently winning Second Prize in the Premio Fondazione Cominelli in Italy.

Of her work Jessica says, "The miniaturized format of the jewellery form allows me to explore my ideas on an intimate scale.  As I make I enter into a dialogue with my materials, trying to discover and explore their unique characteristics. My skill with enamel does not constrain me but serves to liberate; my knowledge of the materials gives me a fluency that allows me the freedom to investigate ideas through the combination of metal and enamel and to achieve the ambiguous and expressive material qualities I seek. I strive to attain a tactile delicacy and a weightiness that positively encourages touch. It is important to me that the pieces I create should reward the wearers close attention with an intricate and detailed surface."

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