Abram Diallo

African dance tutor
Abram Diallo

Abram Diallo is an African dancer from Guinea Conakry in West Africa. He began dancing at the age of seven in Conakry. His first master was Karim Keita – the choreographer for Ballet Fareta, one of the most renowned dance troupes in Guinea.

At 18, Abram was promoted to the role of choreographer of Ballet Fareta. At the same time, he began teaching African dance to international students. In 2006, Abram moved to Sweden and began teaching African dance classes, and gradually built up three classes weekly, teaching over 30 students per week.

In June 2012 Abram moved to London, where he is now choreographer for London’s premier West African music and dance ensemble – Wuntanara. Abram now teaches Guinean dance at Morley College in London and at private and community workshops. He also teaches African drumming and dance in schools.

Abram’s goal is continue sharing his knowledge, passion and skill for African dance with students and audiences in the UK.

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