Joanne Haywood

Jewellery Tutor
Joanne Haywood

Joanne Haywood is a Mixed Media Art Jeweller, teacher and writer who has taught at Morley since January 2017. She holds a BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martins. Her work incorporates both traditional jewellery, metalsmithing and textiles techniques alongside innovative and personal processes developed through years of material explorations and “playing”. Each individual piece of work dictates the materials and processes used, including metals, textiles, wood, found objects and crochet, stitch, binding, felting, fusing, oxidising, wirework, painting and forming.

She established her own London studio in 2001, and a decade later moved to the Kentish countryside, where her studio is surrounded by woodland, orchards and wildlife. Haywood’s work is often informed by her own rich British heritage of traditions, folklore and folk art.

Exhibiting in the UK and internationally, Haywood has shown her work in Italy, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Switzerland. Alongside her own collections and projects, she has worked on a number of commissions for jewellery brands.

She has taught for over 16 years, initially teaching on accredited courses for fine art, fashion and textiles before moving on to focus on the teaching of jewellery design and making. She co-ordinated the jewellery department at City Lit between 2011 and 2016, and now works as a Project Manager for Make Your Future at the Crafts Council.

Alongside her own making practice and work at the Crafts Council, Haywood also takes on a variety of teaching projects and workshops at a number of institutions and art spaces, which have included Central Saint Martins, LV21 and West Dean.

Since 2007, Haywood has also worked as freelance writer on jewellery and contemporary crafts. She published her first book, Mixed Media Jewellery, in 2009 with the publishing house A&C Black, and has also written chapters and articles for a range of publications and books, including New Rings by Nicolás Estrada, Contemporary Jewellery Making Techniques by Vannetta Seecherran, and Jewellery Using Textiles Techniques by Sarah Keay.

Her favourite things about working at Morley are the well-equipped jewellery studio, and the strong sense of community.

“I encourage each student to find their own personal language in their own work," she says. "Material exploration and the excitement of experimenting is an important element of my teaching.”

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