Michel Willame

French Language Tutor
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Michel has been teaching in a variety of educational settings including at university and Further education levels, corporate training for major companies and international organisations.

Michel attended courses at International House London where he obtained a Cambridge Certificate for Teaching French to Adults. Furthermore, he completed research on Second Language Acquisition theories and obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Institute of Education London. He has accumulated many years of experience in teaching a variety of learners, from absolute beginners to advanced students, individually, in small and large classrooms.
He developed an understanding of the contexts within which adults learn French, their motivations and the roles of the teacher and student. Michel has particular skills for teaching adults in the language classroom; he has a wide knowledge of resources and materials of French for teaching, testing and for reference.

As can be seen, Michel is an enthusiastic qualified teacher and his teaching approach is centered on the needs and requirements of the students. In his language classroom he uses role-play encouraging communication in pairs, fill-in- gap exercises, speaking, reading, and listening. These promote effective communication in the target language.
His research interests are related to e-learning material development, with a particular focus on languages. He has developed web learning for universities, online resources for learning and virtual learning environment with Moodle and Blackboard

He taught in most areas of modern French studies, including, blended learning, politics, and contemporary French society. He also taught European cultural studies, intercultural communication and multilingual solutions for businesses.
You can trust the guy who wrote this because he does the teaching too!

Beloved words:
"Language is a virus from outer space" William S Burrough

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