Italian Tutor

Originally from Italy, Giuseppina has a Bachelors in Italian language, literature and Media Studies from the University of Rome.  She has lived in England for 21 years.

She has been teaching Italian to adults for almost 20 years and has been a tutor at Morley College for that length of time.  For the past 12 years, Giuseppina has also taught Italian to KS2 children between the ages of 7 – 11 in a multi-cultural school with children originating from over 15 countries with a varied level of English.  Although she teaches Italian mainly, Giuseppina is also a qualified Spanish teacher.

She has a passion for languages and travel and enjoys the diversity of cultures she comes across in her professional capacity in both the college and school.  Giuseppina enjoys the challenge of imparting that passion onto others and hopes that her enthusiasm and love for her native language and culture helps to achieve that.

Giuseppina takes pride in the fact that she can adapt her teaching practices to cater to the needs of her students and her main priority is that her students work at a level where they can make the maximum progress.  She likes to immerse her students in the Italian culture, whether that is food, history, art or even fashion!

When Giuseppina is not working she enjoys travelling with her husband and visit a wide range of countries, she is eager to know as much as she can about the culture of these countries and hence has a wide and varied knowledge of the world.

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