Hisano Luttman

Japanese Tutor
Hisano Luttman

Hisano has lived in London since 1985 and gained her initial teaching qualification at SOAS. She started to teach Japanese in an educational environment at the London Metropolitan University and has been teaching at Morley since 2014. Hisano teaches Japanese Stages 1, 2 and 3 at Morley.

Hisano teaches and has taught a wide range of clients at both business and corporate level (BBC and BBC Worldwide, HM Treasury, Google, Pokemon (Europe), etc.) 

At Morley, Hisano also runs regular Japanese Calligraphy workshops, where students can learn to write Japanese characters using authentic calligraphy tools, as well as learning a little of the rich history of this written form of communication. 

Aside from teaching written and spoken Japanese, Hisano is also a keen visual artist/photographer and currently studies Painting at Morley College.

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