Femi Akinyemi

Music Technology tutor

Femi is an educator of music and has passion for teaching working with artists to give them the opportunity to explore their creativity. Femi was part of UK Hip hop group Hard II KILL, which was one of the first UK Hip Hop pioneers in the 90s. They toured with Naughty by nature, Shabba Ranks and Mary J Blige. They did a MTV special with Fab Five Freddy on UK Hip-hop.  Femi is university graduate with 10-year music production experience who is influenced by the likes of Bill Conti, Burt Bacharach, Dre Dre, DJ premier Fela Kuti and Hip Hop producer Just Blaze.

Femi is a label owner of E3 Entertainment that works with young and up and coming artists that include Rappers and a DJs and producers. Currently Femi is working with Bazza B and Lauren Kaur Dhamu to the label as well as signing producers Marcus Damon and MrKenya to his label as producers.

Femi is still active as a DJ and is currently BEN TVs DJ channel 182 and is currently DJ’ing at various events.  

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