Jonathan Ashworth

Printmaking tutor
Jonathan Ashworth

Jonathan’s prints aim to meld the age-old sensibilities of the natural world with contemporary concerns of city life; they show the ambition of individual lives, the context of social divide as well as ‘windows’ into the pastoral and rural world, as a reminder of natural growing rhythms and cycles which are part of us and on which we depend. The imagery shows the need for urban development to respond to the needs and wellbeing of diverse ecosystems – from nightingales, ash groves and foxes, to teenagers, lovers and our respected elders.

The importance of arts institutions and the space they give for personal development and unencumbered free-thinking is of vital importance to Jonathan. The arts nourish society, question our accepted values and place emphasis on spiritual concerns that speak to the core of humanity.

MA(Printmaking) – Royal College of Art 2004-06 

BA(Hons) Fine Art Edinburgh College of Art 1999-03 
BTEC Foundation in Art and Design – Leeds College of Art and Design 1998-99

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