Chloe Tringalas

Languages tutor
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Chloe has taught Spanish Language courses at Morley since she arrived in London the early 1970s and, over the course of a long and varied teaching career, has gained a wealth of experience in the theories and practices informing second language acquisition. However, at the core of her approach to teaching is the principle that you can only truly learn when you love and enjoy what you are studying and she endeavours to nurture her students’ enthusiasm for the language and its culture drawing on her wide range of interests to create course content tailor-made to their needs.

A Philosophy graduate from the University of Buenos Aires and holding a post-graduate certificate in Education, she has also studied Law, French language and literature and Classical and Modern Greek. Her translation into Greek of a collection of poems by Pablo Neruda was published in 1970.

Chloe has designed specialist language courses for a number of adult education institutions in and around London, including vocational courses leading to Institute of Linguists’ qualifications, and language training for Economic Consultancies working on projects in Latin America.

Besides literature, Chloe enjoys painting, opera, theatre, cinema, jazz and looking after her young granddaughter.  But she is a teacher at heart, taking great pleasure in classroom interaction where her students’ progress continues to bring her much satisfaction and pride. 

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