5 Reasons to Create a Powerful Vision for Your Goals

Do you want to make a change for 2016? Morley tutor Mel Larsen shares her knowledge on why focusing on your vision and goals will help you realise them. 

Our imagination is a very powerful thing. How we think things will go can have a lot more impact on the results we get than we realise. It’s vital to take some time to pause and create in our mind’s eye what we really want. In fact it goes beyond seeing through our mind’s eye, we also need to imagine how we want to feel. There are many other techniques too that will help ensure a powerful result but just focusing on these two techniques alone – consciously choosing to imagine through visualising, your desired future outcome and imagining how it would feel – will give you a much better chance of doing your best.

Try it now: spend just 5 minutes and close your eyes to vividly and positively imagine the outcome you really want for a specific project or goal, your approach to making it happen will start to alter in a powerful way. If you write down your Vision and add some Goals and targets, it will help you to attain that goal much more quickly and easily – as long as you start to take action on it!

Some people think having a Vision is a bit ‘airy-fairy’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most great accomplishments start with an inspired vision and the more you get in touch with it the more focus and power you can have.

Here are 5 benefits of having a powerful Vision for your most important goals:

  1. Choosing a clear direction rather than letting your default thinking and habits make default choices
  2. Giving yourself a reminder to really go for your Goal and get beyond any challenges
  3. The energy and excitement that comes with thinking about your Vision and empowers you right now
  4. Being able to draw on the limitless ideas and solutions that spring from your unconscious mind when you give it clear direction
  5. Being able to communicate a Vision that inspires others who can help you or who may benefit from your actions.

By taking just 5 minutes to create a Vision makes a small difference. By taking a day out to really focus on ‘the what and the how’, will make a HUGE difference. When it is shared with other supportive people who are doing the same, the encouragement, feedback and new ideas are invaluable.

At my workshop I’ll be showing you step by step how to create your own unique, powerful Vision and how to create clear Goals and an inspired Strategy to get you there faster and more easily. In just one day you can be focused and inspired to take action.

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Do you want to make a change for 2016? Morley tutor Mel Larsen shares her knowledge on why focusing on your vision and goals will help you realise them.

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