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Whatever your reason for studying at Morley -  whether you’re hoping to sharpen your skills or planning a career change, want to discover a hidden talent or meet new people with similar interests - we can help on your journey. 

Take a look through our student stories to find out what our existing students have to say about us, and to discover what Morley could offer you.

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  • Betiel-tesfai_article_list
    Access to Fashion

    Betiel Tesfai

    Wanting to develop her Fashion skills and create a strong portfolio Betiel enrolled for our Access to Fashion course.
  • Paula-jubey_article_list
    Access to Social Work

    Paula Jubey

    Looking to improve her employment prospects Paula enrolled for an Access course. She was able to secure a place studying Social Work at Goldsmiths University.
  • Muna-mohamed-elmi_article_list
    Access to Health & Human Science

    Muna Mohamed Elmi

    Muna was looking to change her career and the Access to Health & Human Science course helped her. She progressed to study Occupational Therapy at Brunel University.
  • Raymond-lee-moon_article_list
    Access to Nursing

    Raymond Lee Moon

    Raymond was looking for a career change but was worried about returning to education. Our Access course prepared him and he progressed to a BSc in Mental Health Nursing at City University.
  • Mirhani-said_article_list
    Access to Science

    Mirhani Said

    Wanting to go to university but having never studied before Mirhani applied for an Access course. Since then he has progressed to studying Biochemical Sciences at Queen Mary University, London.
  • Louisa-spence_article_list
    Access to Social Sciences and Law

    Louisa Spence

    Looking to gain a strong academic foundation, Louisa applied for an Access course. She is now on her way to train as a psychotherapist.
  • Emilio-cordoba-blanco_article_list
    Access to Media Communications

    Emilio Cordoba Blanco

    Emilio wanted to go to university but didn't have the credits. After completing the Access to Media Communications he progressed to the University of Greenwich.
  • Joan_thompson_article_list
    Community Learning

    Joan Thompson

    Joan joined the Twilighters Singing Group having no previous experience and has become a crucial member. She has proven to everyone that age is just a number as she probably does more acitvities than someone half her age.
  • Paula_goncalves_article_list
    Community Learning

    Paula Goncalves

    Paula Goncalves has started her own business after completing the Considering the Potential to Run a Business from Home course through the Community Learning department.
  • Rachel_article_list
    Community Learning

    Rachel Adesegun

    Rachel won an award for teamwork in her Let’s Make a Mural Together class at a local children’s centre. Although initially feeling unconfident in her artistic skills Rachel ended up becoming one of the key members of the class.

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