Morley Magazine

Pile of past ssues of Morley MagazineMorley Magazine is produced by student volunteers for the benefit of their fellow students, who are encouraged to express their views and showcase their creative talents through the magazine. There are two issues per year: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.

The magazine relies on students to send in news, reviews, achievments, opinions, poetry, stories, articles and photographs. If you have something you would like to submit, please send it to Morley Magazine c/o College Office, leave it at reception or email it to Please include your name, address and telephone number so that we can contact you for further information.

The magazine is published by the Student Council, which votes to appoint the Editor. If the post falls vacant for any reason it is advertised within the College. The Editor is an ex-offico member of the SEC.

Past issues

Morley Magazine Volume 117 - Spring/Summer 2011
Morley Magazine Volume 116 - Autumn/Winter 2010
Morley Magazine Volume 116 - Spring/Summer 2010
Morley Magazine Volume 115 - Autumn/Winter 2009
Morley Magazine Volume 115 - Spring/Summer 2009

Morley Magazine Volume 1 - May 1892