Clubs & Societies

The College is home to a number of clubs and societies run by students, covering a range of interests.  Membership is open to all students, staff and governors, and to Friends of Morley.

If you would be interested in joining a club, or would like to find out more, please see the details of individual clubs below for further information.

A number of papers have been prepared, mainly for the benefit of those involved in running clubs, or who may be thinking of starting a new club.  To see a paper, just click on the link:

How to start a club
How to run a club
How to request College accommodation for club meetings
Guidance on the preparation of clubs' annual accounts and reports
Guidelines and suggestions on the preparation and revision of club constitutions
Role of student representatives on the Student Council (SC) and the Clubs Coordination Group (CCG); and the position of the Chair of the CCG
Origin and purpose of the Clubs Coordination Group

All these papers have been issued by the Clubs Coordination Group.  All clubs operate within the framework of the Constitution for Morley Clubs (September 2013), approved by the College's Governing Body.

  • Chess

    Chess Club

    Join the Chess Club and take part in club competitions and other leagues.
  • Folk_dancing

    Folk Dance Club

    Morley's Folk Dance Club celebrates England's folk dancing heritage with a lively dance programme.
  • Rambling

    Morley College Rambling Club

    Explore the beatuiful countryside surrounding London with the Morley College Rambling Club.
  • Medieval_society

    Morley Medieval

    Morley Medieval hosts guest lectures three to four times a term on a wide range of research topics by leading scholars on medieval art and architecture.
  • Ceramic_circle

    The London Ceramic Circle (LCC) at Morley College

    The London Ceramic Circle (LCC) at Morley College is dedicated to the study of British and International ceramics and their development.