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  • Lake_baikal_article_list
    28 Apr

    Russia off the beaten track

    Morley language tutor Ekaterina Wetuekowa shares her knowledge of the hidden gems in Russia.
  • Russian-flag-web_article_list
    22 Apr

    Top 5 Russian events in London

    Looking for the best of Russia in London? Why not attend one of the many Russian events in London. Morley tutor Ekaterina Wetuekowa shares her knowledge of them.
  • Women-conductors-news_article_list
    17 Apr

    Morley nominated for Innovation Award

    Morley’s Women Conductors programme has been nominated for an Innovation Award by the Classical:NEXT community.
  • Tai-chi-news_article_list
    16 Apr

    Pass notes: Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is growing in popularity but what is involved and where does it come from? Morley's Tai Chi tutor Paul Underwood explains.
  • Lana_de_meillon_-_live_art_article_list
    15 Apr

    Pass notes: Live Art

    A relatively new course to the Morley programme is Live Art. But what exactly is Live Art? Morley tutor Carolyn Roy explains.
  • Speaking-news_article_list
    14 Apr

    5 Top Tips for Public Speaking

    With the General Election quickly approaching we are hearing a lot of speeches. But what makes an effective public speaker? Morley tutor Robert Noble shares his top tips...
  • Andrew-gower_article_list
    14 Apr

    Morley welcomes a new Principal

    Morley is pleased to welcome its new Principal, Dr Andrew Gower to the College.
  • Got-news_article_list
    09 Apr

    Medieval Britain: The Real Game of Thrones

    The television series is based on a series of fantasy novels written by George R.R. Martin, yet these are fantasy novels with clear historical influences dating back to the Medieval period.
  • Penny_lectures_sq_article_list
    08 Apr

    Summer Series of Penny Lectures

    We are pleased to announce the Summer series of our Penny Lectures in celebration of our 125th anniversary.
  • Creative_writing_2_article_list
    02 Apr

    Creative Writing - It's All in the Mind

    Creative Writing tutor Adam Lively explores the relationship between creative writing, the imagination and the mind.

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