Accessibility Information

Some Morley College buildings can be difficult to access if you have restricted mobility.

We have lifts at the front and at the back of the main building to assist you with moving around the College and limited car parking for disabled badge holders.

If you have restricted mobility and you are visiting the College for the first time please contact us in advance on 020 7450 1865 so that we can arrange assistance for you. 

Some of our classrooms can be difficult to access, and currently our printmaking studios are inaccessible to wheelchair users. If you do have any concerns about accessing your classroom or moving around the building, please contact the relevant department or our Learning Support team for further information before enrolling.

We are committed to doing our very best to help you settle in at college and may be able to assist you with alternative access arrangements. It may also be possible to move a class to accommodate a learner with restricted mobility.