Community Partnerships

Morley College is a committed member of the local community, and currently works in partnership with Lambeth Council, statutory providers, voluntary organisations and local community groups to help meet local needs.

Community Learning at Morley is designed to respond to local needs, and support regeneration and capacity building initiatives through close work with community-focused organisations and statutory bodies. We provide a wide range of learning opportunities which promote community inclusion and sustainable development. The work we do fosters the development of both social and human capital.

New partnerships continue to emerge and are chosen because their focus is on providing support to clients who are at high risk of social exclusion.

The Community Learning programme at Morley is organised with the following aims:

  • Give access to learning to a wide range of communities in Lambeth and Southwark, including vulnerable adults and other hard-to-reach groups.

  • Develop innovatory approaches to community education.
  • Empower people to play an active part in their own communities.
  • Develop opportunities for progression to Morley and other education providers.
  • Make a difference to the culture of the College and to Morley’s role in the wider community.

To date we have worked with the following partnership organisations:

  • Bangladeshi Community Group
  • Central Hill Day Centre
  • Clapham Park Centre
  • Effra Children’s Centre
  • English Churches Housing Group Acre Lane Hostel (Riverside Housing Association)
  • Ethelred Children's Centre
  • Iqra / London Skills College
  • Johanna Primary School
  • Jubilee Children's Centre
  • Hyde Southbank Homes @ Kennington Park Community Centre and Old Laundry
  • Kids Company
  • Lambeth MENCAP
  • LLU+
  • Loughborough Children's Centre
  • Lysada (Lambeth Youth Sports and Arts Development Association)
  • Metropolitan Housing Trust @ Moorlands Community Centre
  • NACRO, the crime reduction charity
  • Salvation Army
  • Speedwell Trust, TTT through-the-gate music therapy project
  • Spires, the homeless charity
  • St Andrews Primary School
  • St Helen’s Primary School
  • St Stephen’s Children’s Centre
  • Stockwell Park High School
  • Stockwell Primary School and Children's Centre
  • Sunnyhill Children's Centre
  • The Holy Apostles Theatre Ministry
  • Tomkyns House (Sheltered Accommodation)
  • Vauxhall Primary School
  • Waterloo Action Centre

In the Ofsted inspection in January 2011 Morley College received an outstanding grade for effective partnership work because of a rich variety of learning opportunities that significantly contribute to local economic and social regeneration.

The Ofsted report says that our current partners appreciate:

  • the feeling that partnership with Morley College is that of two equal partners.
  • the many fresh ideas that working with Morley bring into play.
  • the increased availability of resources to learners and to partners brought by the partnership.
  • the increased networking between partners which brings many benefits.
  • the improvement in the management of Morley College in recent years.
  • the way in which Morley College helps partners to improve”. (Ofsted Inspection report, page 5, 2011)

How to get involved

If you are a community group or organisation and would like us to run a course for members of your community, please contact us to discuss your requirements, interests and goals.

Members of our Community Learning team can come and meet with you and your potential learners to discuss their needs, interests and aspirations and talk about the group’s circumstances, so that the courses can be tailored to suit. Alternatively, you may be interested in our Community Learning Checklist, which outlines the steps that an organisation could take in getting to know their clients’ learning needs, and the principles that could inform effective partnership work in providing learning opportunities in the community. To request a copy please contact us on 020 7450 1815 or email us at

Contact us

If you would be interested in working in partnership with Morley College, please contact the Community Learning Administrator on 020 7450 1929, the Community Learning Coordinator on 020 7450 1815, or email us at